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Xtracycle LT2 U-Tubes (Footrests)

Xtracycle LT2 U-Tubes (Footrests)

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Crafted of aircraft-grade aluminum, U-Tubes support your passengers' feet and offer cargo support. They have great weather resistance, letting them shrug off the effects of sun, rain, and muddy boots. For cargo, they work great for supporting cargo like bags of groceries, bricks, buckets of paint, you name it. They also make bike towing a breeze. U-Tubes can be adjusted to a wide and narrow setting. They are sold in pairs and attach with a bolt that goes through a boss on the bike or kit frame. 

Installation instructions can be found here. The longer end is installed in the back tail piece.

LT2 U-tubes WILL work on 2016 EdgeRunners and Cargo Nodes. 

LT2 U-tubes will NOT work on the Leap, pre-2016 EdgeRunners, FreeRadicals, Surly Big or Big Fat Dummy, Radish, Cargo Joe, Yuba cargo bikes, Kona cargo bikes, or the Trek Transport.

If you have a pre-2016 EdgeRunners, FreeRadicals, Surly Big Dummies, Radish or Cargo Joe, you will need the LT1 U-tubes found here:

If you have a Leap, you will need Leap specific U-tubes.