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"These roads and routes require steadfast determination; they demand reverence, and are talked about long after they’re over. We intentionally design tires to honor and conquer this specific terrain." ~ Teravail

Teravail offers many styles and sizes of tires designed to take your backroad or backcountry adventures to the next level of comfort and control.

"Light and Supple" or "Durable" casing available depending on your needs.


The Cannonball is designed to be a first-choice gravel racing tire — Ghost of the Gravel, Alberta Rockies 700, Hurtin' Albertan... The directional, tight-knit center tread efficiently decreases rolling resistance while the side knobs increase cornering traction. The center tread’s diamond pattern is optimized specifically for gravel riding and sheds dirt and gravel debris.


Sparwood has serious bikepacking deeply ingrained in its DNA. When navigating routes comprised of jeep roads, twisty singletrack, gravel tracks, and paved connecting sections, we find that a 2.2” casing is the sweet spot. It offers decreased rolling resistance, reduced weight, and excellent maneuverability in a stable 29” diameter.


The 27.5 x 2.8” Cumberland or 29 x 2.6” version offers a stable platform for loaded down riding on rugged dirt trails and chunky jeep roads. The large volume casing offers excellent traction and inspires confidence while climbing and descending. The outer diameter is equal to a standard 29” tire which offers extra ground clearance, added stability, and greater angular momentum.

*** We can source all sizes and styles, contact us at the shop if you're after a model not seen here ***