Who We Are

is Calgary, Alberta's premium city cycling, cargo bike, bike touring, bikepacking and family adventure boutique.

What makes us different than every other shop in Alberta is what we are not: We are not a "normal" bike shop. While we retail beautiful and practical bicycles, we do not have rows and rows of bikes lining the walls and hanging from the ceiling, hoping that one of them will work for you.

Nope. We work for you. We help you chose your dream bike. We feature built-to-order bicycles, custom build services, and products that are specific to everyday cycling, year 'round bicycle commuting, exploring your community, or exploring the world - even with your children. 

When you purchase a bicycle from us, it is not the end of our relationship with you, it is the beginning. Our service department is here for you, only accepting bicycles for service that were purchased from BikeBike - which translates into market leading turn around times on repairs, often in 24 hours or less, keeping you and your bicycle lifestyle rolling year 'round.

Our Bicycle boutique houses Alberta's most complete collection of quality accessories, cargo bikes, electric bikes, modern city bikes, commuting bikes, adventure/touring bikes, child hauling options, and high quality kids bikes.

Join us on our mission to put more bums on seats and change our society for the better - one pedal stroke at a time.